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WIRED Tradecraft – FBI Agent Explains How Bombs Are Disposed Of

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WIRED Tradecraft – FBI Agent Explains How Bombs Are Disposed Of

00:00 [intense nervous music] 00:06 [explosion blasting] 00:07 [explosion blasting] 00:08 [explosion blasting] 00:10 [explosion blasting] 00:11 [Narrator] Improvised explosion devices, 00:13 there’s no set standard on how that’s gonna look. 00:16 So every time we encounter a device, it’s different 00:19 and we have to take all the precautions 00:21 necessary to protect ourselves.…

WIRED Tradecraft – FBI Agent Explains How Bombs Are Disposed Of

00: 00

[intense nervous music]

00: 06

[explosion blasting]

00: 07

[explosion blasting]

00: 08

[explosion blasting]

00: 10

[explosion blasting]

00: 11

[Narrator] Improvised explosion devices,

00: 13

there’s now not any location customary on how that is gonna search.

00: 16

So whenever we come across a tool, it be assorted

00: 19

and we have got to make a selection the complete precautions

00: 21

famous to supply protection to ourselves.

00: 23

[Narrator] Fireplace within the outlet.

00: 25

[explosion blasting]

00: 32

My establish is John Stewart.

00: 35

I am a unit chief of the Unsafe Devices College.

00: 37

[suspenseful music] I started off

00: 38

within the United States Navy.

00: 39

I was an enlisted EOD tech for 12 years

00: 42

and then used to be employed as an FBI agent.

00: 44

My foremost mission used to be to produce make stronger

00: 46

to our pronounce and native bomb technicians.

00: 48

I’ve replied to a selection of calls.

00: 50

Those calls resulted within the discovery of protection power ordnance,

00: 54

hand grenades, improvised explosion laboratories

00: 57

the assign of us are making selfmade explosives.

00: 59

Those calls resulted in us disrupting pipe bombs.

01: 02

In the event that they wanted me to costume out in a bomb suit

01: 04

and fling to a fluctuate, I am trained and capable to complete that.

01: 07

In the event that they need me for post blast skills

01: 09

to help them procure proof,

01: 11

we’re there to help them halt that because that all

01: 13

falls within the category of bomb technician responsibilities.

01: 18

I labored a selection of cases on the realm

01: 20

terrorism facet, I spent roughly two years

01: 23

in Afghanistan working as a FBI bomb technician

01: 27

conducting post blast evaluation and evaluation of IEDs

01: 31

for the US govt.

01: 33

[explosion blasting] So if something blew up

01: 34

out in metropolis, we would fling out

01: 35

and forestall a post blast investigation,

01: 38

get better the complete diagram shall we receive,

01: 40

bring that again into a managed surroundings

01: 42

and then are trying to recreate and make a selection

01: 44

precisely how that IED functioned.

01: 48

After which I was ready to come to the Unsafe Devices College

01: 51

and switch out to be a licensed public security bomb technician.

01: 55

[explosion blasting]

01: 58

IED manner improvised explosive tool.

02: 01

By the mere duration of time, it be improvised

02: 03

and they are available in all shapes and varieties.

02: 05

They’ll need to maintain some draw of energy supply

02: 07

or some draw of approach to obtain warmth into the explosives.

02: 10

They’ll need to maintain some draw of switch.

02: 12

They’ll need to maintain some draw of container

02: 14

and they’ll need to maintain conductors

02: 16

and wires and things admire that.

02: 17

While you make a selection an x-ray of an IED,

02: 20

you are procuring for the foremost diagram.

02: 21

You are procuring for the explosive rate,

02: 23

you are procuring for the switch,

02: 25

and also you are procuring for battery energy to receive out

02: 27

whether or now not it be an IED or now not.

02: 29

There are two assorted forms of explosives.

02: 31

There are high explosives and low explosives

02: 32

and those if truth be told are in accordance with the deflagration or burn fee

02: 36

or the flexibility for the explosives

02: 38

to trade from a solid to a gaseous pronounce.

02: 40

Low explosives burn or deflagrate and high explosives

02: 44

trade from solid to a gas in microseconds.

02: 48

[explosion blasting]

02: 52

After we’re coping with IEDs,

02: 54

some in total is a low explosive or a powder,

02: 56

some is also high explosives.

02: 58

Protection power ordnance uses high explosives inner of it.

03: 02

Low explosives are customarily viewed

03: 04

in some draw of contained vessel

03: 06

admire a pipe bomb or a tension cooker.

03: 08

The tension cooker is a outmoded

03: 10

tension cooker that holds tension,

03: 12

has a low explosive in it that burns

03: 15

and because it burns the tension cooker

03: 16

contains the low explosive affect up

03: 19

until it can’t procure it anymore and then it overcomes

03: 22

the tension cooker and explodes.

03: 23

It be a mechanical explosion.

03: 26

[crowd cheering] [distant announcer talking]

03: 28

[explosion blasting]

03: 32

As you realize, the Boston bombing,

03: 33

they broken-down tension cookers in there.

03: 35

Each person who used to be ready to search around that on TV

03: 38

and quiz it via details reports witnessed what came about.

03: 40

So we had several bombs that blew up

03: 43

on the streets of Boston. [sirens blaring]

03: 45

Fellas, look for secondary devices!

03: 47

Following that event,

03: 49

there used to be an evacuation that came about.

03: 50

They eradicated the wounded.

03: 52

The bomb technicians then must fling in and forestall some

03: 54

threat overview and analyze all the pieces left to receive out

03: 58

whether or now not there’s any longer bombs within the distance.

04: 01

As you are going to be ready to contemplate there are backpacks

04: 03

and packing containers in each place the avenue,

04: 05

and so they maintain to fling and threat assess

04: 07

their contrivance via all of those applications

04: 09

to receive out if there’s any longer bombs

04: 11

that pose a doable hazard for the public.

04: 15

We categorize IEDs into three assorted classes.

04: 18

We maintain victim initiated that manner the victim

04: 21

has to complete something to fabricate it fling off.

04: 23

We maintain time, that manner in a particular amount of time

04: 25

it be gonna detonate and then we have got radio managed

04: 29

or some distance away make a selection watch over that manner but another individual

04: 31

is controlling when that tool is gonna detonate.

04: 34

An improvised explosive tool gifts

04: 36

a selection of non-public wretchedness disorders.

04: 38

Needless to claim there is a fragmentation arena that comes with it.

04: 42

The fragmentation is gonna destroy home windows,

04: 44

it be gonna penetrate skin, it be gonna wretchedness of us,

04: 46

it be gonna execute property.

04: 48

Every explosion carries a thermal enact,

04: 50

so admire a warmth wave or warmth ball

04: 52

or fire ball that comes off.

04: 54

There’s a doable for things to purchase on fire and burn

04: 58

thanks to the fireplace ball that comes off of that explosive.

05: 02

[explosion blasting]

05: 03

After which there’s what we consult with because the blast wave.

05: 06

It be the invisible wave of tension that flies out.

05: 09

[explosion blasting]

05: 10

The blast tension affects glass, it affects ear drums,

05: 15

interior organs, and things admire that.

05: 17

But we have got calculations that we exhaust to receive out

05: 20

how some distance to evacuate of us to help us to produce

05: 23

better protection from fragmentation and overpressure.

05: 27

[intense nervous music]

05: 29

The Unsafe Devices College curriculum

05: 30

used to be first and foremost developed by the Department of the Navy.

05: 33

We took the ways, programs, and procedures

05: 35

that the protection power used to be instructing their bomb techs

05: 37

when they were coping with IEDs

05: 39

and we broken-down that identical details

05: 41

to fabricate our usual curriculum again in 1971.

05: 45

The Vietnam War used to be drawing down and bomb technicians

05: 47

from the Vietnam War were coming again,

05: 49

going to work for police departments

05: 51

and performing bomb tech actions.

05: 55

This college is designed to coach

05: 57

public security law enforcement who draw now not maintain any details

06: 00

about bombs, the complete programs, ways, and procedures

06: 03

to be deployed and broken-down

06: 05

when they’re engaged on suspicious devices.

06: 07

Throughout coaching there are plenty of key areas

06: 09

we admire bomb techs to fling away right here with.

06: 11

I mediate the most attention-grabbing one is their skill

06: 13

to habits a threat overview.

06: 15

To search at something and to study up on to receive out

06: 18

in their thoughts why it be there and what’s potentially

06: 21

gonna motive it to fling off.

06: 23

You should know electronics so whenever you are inspecting

06: 26

your x-rays and also you quiz sure things within the x-ray,

06: 28

it be crucial to be ready to receive out what they’re.

06: 31

You should know pointers on how to poke a robot,

06: 32

factual if you’re going to be ready to halt it remotely.

06: 34

You should know pointers on how to make exhaust of explosives

06: 36

because many of the instruments they exhaust within the sphere

06: 38

are explosively-pushed instruments.

06: 40

So it be crucial to know pointers on how to soundly address explosives

06: 43

to load those instruments and space them and fire them.

06: 47

[explosion blasting]

06: 49

[sirens rapidly blaring]

06: 51

Bomb squads across The United States obtain bomb calls frequently.

06: 55

As soon as their dispatch receives a call,

06: 57

they manufacture a notification to the bomb squad.

07: 00

The bomb squad then goes to the scene.

07: 02

As soon as there, they meet with an on scene commander

07: 05

or the individual to blame

07: 06

and they’re making an attempt to procure some intelligence.

07: 08

What is it, the assign is it, how did it obtain there,

07: 11

how prolonged has it been there,

07: 12

al of those questions are requested.

07: 14

But another mountainous crucial section is,

07: 16

is there an evacuation that has came about?

07: 18

Have we moved the complete of us out some distance ample so if this part

07: 21

were to detonate earlier than we made it down fluctuate,

07: 24

they’d now not be wretchedness?

07: 25

As soon as all of that is taken space,

07: 27

there is a call, will we halt this remotely with robots

07: 30

or will we have got to assign someone within the bomb suit?

07: 32

If we can affect the complete actions we need with a robot,

07: 36

it be sent down fluctuate to affect x-rays.

07: 38

They’ll fire instruments off of the robot,

07: 41

they’ll halt a selection of things

07: 42

that prevents a bomb technician

07: 44

from having to obtain into a bomb suit

07: 45

and in spite of all the pieces occurring fluctuate.

07: 48

[explosion blasting] [murmuring]

07: 51

But as soon as rapidly there are instances

07: 53

when the robot is now not going to work.

07: 55

Depending on the assign the tool is at,

07: 57

hoping on the complex arena we have got,

08: 00

there’s doable for the bomb technician

08: 03

to even must obtain in a bomb suit

08: 05

and fling down and forestall the preliminary work.

08: 07

Assemble an outline of the tool,

08: 09

affect passive diagnostics,

08: 11

make a selection x-rays, and then space a disruption tool.

08: 15

As soon as that is accomplished, all americans falls again to a stable space

08: 18

and they affect an action to disrupt that kit.

08: 24

So the technique of hanging the bomb technician

08: 26

within the bomb suit is slightly easy

08: 28

alternatively it takes a selection of of us to complete it.

08: 30

So honest now they’re hanging on the trousers.

08: 33

The trousers are Kevlar and Nomex

08: 35

and they present protection to the decrease extremities.

08: 40

There’s additionally a again protector that affords very restricted

08: 44

protection to your again.

08: 47

So after the trousers are on,

08: 48

the bomb technicians will affix

08: 50

the built-in groin protector and that affords restricted

08: 53

thermal protection and ballistic protection

08: 58

He is now hanging on a balaclava.

09: 00

That helps present protection to the helmet

09: 02

and make a selection up the sweat and the bomb technician

09: 05

is performing his tasks.

09: 06

The next fragment of instruments

09: 07

that will fling on the bomb technician is the helmet.

09: 10

That is the EOD 9 helmet.

09: 12

That’s a visor that strikes up and down.

09: 14

So when the bomb tech is down fluctuate next to the tool,

09: 18

he would maintain the visor pulled down.

09: 21

The next fragment of instruments they’ll attach on is the jacket.

09: 24

It’s miles a Nomex Kevlar manufacture up.

09: 27

The mountainous shadowy plate you quiz on the entrance

09: 29

is a Kevlar defend.

09: 30

It affords most protection from fragmentation

09: 33

to the crucial organ space.

09: 35

They then tighten Velcro across the wrist of the jacket,

09: 38

offering the bomb technician dexterity

09: 40

along with his fingers whereas he’s working.

09: 42

On the left facet you are going to quiz a make a selection watch over panel.

09: 45

That make a selection watch over panel controls the fan inner of the helmet

09: 48

to help make a selection watch over physique temperature.

09: 50

It additionally helps the defend from fogging up

09: 52

and there’s lights on the helmet that the bomb tech,

09: 55

if desired, can flip on.

09: 57

Correct now they’re gonna lift the collar up,

09: 59

offering protection for the neck space

10: 02

between the outlet the assign the helmet and the jacket meet.

10: 06

So that you just are going to study about that the hands are usually now not lined.

10: 09

That’s for most dexterity.

10: 10

The bomb tech must be ready to work with instruments

10: 13

and whenever you attach gloves on him,

10: 14

it restricts his skill to make exhaust of his fingers and hands.

10: 18

[intense curious music]

10: 18

As soon as the bomb squad arrives on scene

10: 20

and they procure their intelligence,

10: 22

they maintain to receive out what draw of skill they manufacture.

10: 24

In the event that they make a selection that they maintain to connect a bomb technician

10: 27

down for time heading within the correct direction, there is a couple things

10: 30

that they maintain to complete.

10: 31

So that they’ll costume the bomb technician out within the bomb suit

10: 33

and then they wanna lumber down fluctuate

10: 36

and habits a threat overview

10: 37

and some diagnostics of that kit.

10: 41

A technique they habits diagnostics is via their imaginative and prescient.

10: 44

What is it, the assign’s it at,

10: 46

and why is it sitting the assign it be sitting?

10: 48

Subsequent part they’d halt is make a selection a x-ray of the kit.

10: 52

This machine generates x-rays that poke via the kit

10: 55

and gifts a image on a phosphorus panel.

10: 57

The bomb tech would attach the phosphorus panel

10: 59

within the again of the suspect kit and then generate some pulses

11: 02

with this to obtain an x-ray.

11: 05

They’re going to additionally bring down some instruments to complete some work

11: 07

because we make a selection to sever time heading within the correct direction.

11: 10

That’s time that a individual is standing next to the tool.

11: 14

And additionally they’ll space those after they affect their x-ray

11: 16

for a outmoded total cause shot.

11: 19

They’re going to return and manufacture the x-ray

11: 21

and if the x-ray has sure that it’s an accurate tool

11: 23

they’ll fire those instruments

11: 25

without ever having to skill the tool again.

11: 29

Right here’s a pan disruptor.

11: 30

Very total within the bomb technician world.

11: 33

It be a percussion actuated, non-electrically fired tool.

11: 37

the pan disruptor is a steel tube

11: 39

that uses shotgun cartridges.

11: 41

We are going to possess this tube fleshy of water.

11: 43

We are going to inch it on the halt.

11: 45

We are going to attach a blank shotgun shell

11: 47

into the halt of it and then we exhaust what is named a breech.

11: 50

It has a firing pin that is then projected forward

11: 53

by an explosively-pushed shockwave from shock tube.

11: 57

[Woman] Three, two, one.

11: 59

[explosion blasting]

12: 01

That contrivance, we can fire that remotely and the bomb

12: 03

technician doesn’t maintain to be wherever across the kit.

12: 07

But another tool that could be very total is a mineral water bottle.

12: 10

On the interior of this bottle is a plastic

12: 12

tube that is stuffed with C4 explosives.

12: 15

Right here’s an omnidirectional tool

12: 17

so whenever you detonate the C4,

12: 19

that water is gonna strike the kit

12: 21

and with any luck disrupt the suspect kit

12: 23

that we’re engaged on.

12: 24

This is in a position to maybe even be fired a selection of assorted programs,

12: 26

but customarily it be fired with a Primadet

12: 29

with non-electrical shock two.

12: 31

A Primadet is nothing better than a non-electrical type

12: 34

blasting cap that is curved to shock tube

12: 37

and there’s customarily an explosive wave that goes down

12: 40

and it initiates the explosives within the tube.

12: 44

Surely one of many instruments available

12: 45

to the bomb technician is a hydrojet.

12: 47

Right here’s a 32 ounce hydrojet.

12: 49

It be a directional rate,

12: 51

that manner it be stuffed with water.

12: 53

This plastic sheet inner is fashioned to fabricate a V.

12: 57

It’s probably you’ll maybe maybe presumably make a selection details sheet or sheet explosives

12: 59

and affix it to this V.

13: 01

It then goes again into the hydrojet that is stuffed with water

13: 05

and it be fired with a Primadet.

13: 07

As soon because it be fired, the projection of the explosives

13: 10

drives the water into a knife

13: 13

and cuts via suspect applications.

13: 15

[explosion blasting]

13: 17

[intense curious music]

13: 19

Since the inception of the curriculum,

13: 20

there’s been rather plenty of trade within the bomb tech community.

13: 23

Explosives are composed the identical.

13: 25

IEDs, the devices that we address,

13: 27

but for sure with computers and being ready to obtain online

13: 30

and study, the sophistication of those maintain risen.

13: 33

[mechanical whirring]

13: 34

Most considerably is our instruments that we exhaust

13: 37

to complete diagnostics and disrupt IEDs

13: 39

maintain elevated dramatically.

13: 41

[explosion blasting]

13: 42

Our x-ray programs are about a of the most attention-grabbing within the arena.

13: 45

Our disruption instruments are about a of the most attention-grabbing within the arena

13: 48

and they’re all designed to produce extra protection

13: 51

for the bomb tech whereas he’s performing those tasks,

13: 53

which in flip affords extra protection for our public.

13: 57

Usually, procedures that are trained

13: 59

right here at the Unsafe Devices College

14: 00

are employed out in our cities and states across The United States.

14: 04

It occurs frequently, the assign bomb squads

14: 06

are notified of suspicious applications.

14: 08

That occurs across The United States each day.

14: 10

There’s now not any playbook that claims, if it be this, halt this.

14: 14

Or if it be that, halt that.

14: 16

We must make exhaust of the instruments and programs that we’re taught.

14: 18

We must make exhaust of a great threat overview

14: 21

and we have started working our contrivance

14: 22

via each arena we come across.

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