Strive some early NFL headlines.

The Tennessee Titans pulled out one in every of the resplendent upsets of the previous few weeks on Sunday, toppling the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs 35-32 in quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ first game lend a hand from a knee fracture.

But that wasn’t good ample, as a minimal for one Tennessee participant.

Offensive model out Taylor Lewan modified into penalized Three times in the victory, resulting in a loss of 24 yards.

“Ahead of we even open up this complete ingredient, my penalties are a (expletive) wretchedness,” Lewan stated. “I am 10 % an field with that. It’s not intentional. I end not mean to complete it. My intentions are good. I’m accurate making an try to achieve. And it’s killing the group. I do know that. You guys know that. No person wants to name me out on the rest, because I obtained it.

“I am entirely screwing the group with the amount of penalties I’ve had in the final, what, six games. It’s loopy. It’s unhealthy. I cannot win penalties. I’m sorry, there’s no must seek files from about it because I do know I’m an absolute prison responsibility via penalties.”

The three infractions increased Lewan’s total to nine this season, which leads the group. Lewan, 28, has performed in accurate six games after he served a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s coverage on performance-bettering substances.

The first penalty, an unnecessary roughness private irascible, modified into in the third quarter with 14: 16 remaining. On the following play, he modified into flagged for offensive keeping, negating a fundamental down and leading to a third-and-13 that Tennessee did not convert. The Titans as a change punted the ball, and the Chiefs scored a touchdown on the following power.

His closing penalty modified into a unsuitable open up in the fourth quarter with 2: 02 left. It resulted in a third-and-10 whereby quarterback Ryan Tannehill modified into sacked, prompting every other fourth down the group didn’t convert.

“I retract full responsibility for this,” Lewan stated. “I will work on it. I’d even whisk practice not doing penalties in the bye week. I’ll end my absolute most effective to work on it. I’d not even retain my wife’s hand this complete complete bye week because I end not are desirous to win known as for keeping. These damn penalties are fully kicking me in the (expletive).”

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