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SpaceX first stage landing failed for Starlink-4 begin

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SpaceX first stage landing failed for Starlink-4 begin

IntroductionWelcome, dear people of the subreddit! I’m u/hitura-nobad, bringing you live updates on the StarlinkV1-L4 mission.OverviewStarlink-4 will launch the fourth batch of operational Starlink satellites into orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket. It will be the fifth Starlink mission overall. This launch is not expected to be similar to the previous Starlink launch in late…

SpaceX first stage landing failed for Starlink-4 begin


Welcome, pricey folk of the subreddit! I am u/hitura-nobad, bringing you stay updates on the StarlinkV1-L4 mission.


Starlink-4 will begin the fourth batch of operational Starlink satellites into orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket. This would perchance seemingly also be the fifth Starlink mission overall. This begin is no longer expected to be a lot like the old Starlink begin in leisurely January, which noticed 60 Starlink v1.0 satellites dropped at a single airplane at a 290 km altitude. This time SpaceX is focusing on a 386×212 km Orbit . In the following weeks the satellites will bag turns shifting to the operational 550 km altitude in three groups of 20, making spend of precession charges to separate themselves into three planes. Attributable to the excessive mass of several dozen satellites, the booster will land on a drone ship at a identical downrange distance to a GTO begin.

It’s doubtless you’ll perchance evaluation this launchs flight profile to the closing here.

Liftoff at this time scheduled for: February 17, 15: 05 UTC (10: 05AM native) Ascertain the begin manifest for faster updates
Backup date February 18, the begin time gets 21.5 minutes earlier on a regular foundation.
Static fire Carried out February 14
Payload 60 Starlink model 1 satellites
Payload mass 60 * 260 kg = 15 600 kg
Deployment orbit Low Earth Orbit, 211 km x 386 km x 53° (expected)
Operational orbit Low Earth Orbit, 550 km x 53°, 3 planes
Automobile Falcon 9 v1.2 Block 5
Core B1056
Previous flights of this core 3 (CRS-17, CRS-18, JCSAT-18)
Fairing exhaust strive yes, each and every halves
Initiate feature SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Position, Florida
Touchdown OCISLY: 32.54722 N, 75.92306 W (628 km downrange)
Mission success standards Successful separation & deployment of the Starlink Satellites.

Old and Pending Starlink Missions

Mission Date (UTC) Core Pad Deployment Orbit Notes Sat Substitute
1 Starlink v0.9 2019-05-24 1049.3 SLC-40 440km 53° 60 test satellites with Ku band antennas Feb 15
2 Starlink-1 2019-11-11 1048.4 SLC-40 280km 53° 60 model 1 satellites, v1.0 involves Ka band antennas Feb 15
3 Starlink-2 2020-01-07 1049.4 SLC-40 290km 53° 60 model 1 satellites, 1 sat with experimental antireflective coating Feb 15
4 Starlink-3 2020-01-29 1051.3 SLC-40 290km 53° 60 model 1 satellites Feb 15
5 Starlink-4 This Mission 1056.4 SLC-40 212x386km 53° 60 model 1 satellites expected
6 Starlink-5 March LC-39A 60 model 1 satellites expected
7 Starlink-6 March SLC-40 / LC-39A 60 model 1 satellites expected
Day-to-day Starlink altitude updates on Twitter @StarlinkUpdates

Starlink Monitoring/Viewing Resources:

They would possibly seemingly want just a few hours to salvage the Starlink TLEs


SpaceX designed Starlink to connect pause customers with low latency, excessive bandwidth broadband companies by offering proper protection world wide using a community of thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit.

Offer: SpaceX


☑️ 89th SpaceX begin

☑️ 81st Falcon 9 begin

☑️ 25th Falcon 9 Block 5 begin

☑️ 4th flight of B1056

☑️ 50th Touchdown of a Falcon 1st Stage

☑️ 47th SpaceX begin from CCAFS SLC-40

☑️ 4th SpaceX begin this 300 and sixty five days, and decade!

☑️ 1st Falcon 9 begin this month

Automobiles frail

Kind Title Residing
First Stage Falcon 9 v1.2 – Block 5 (Fleshy Thrust) SLC-40
2d stage Falcon 9 v1.2 Block 5 (Fleshy Thrust) SLC-40
ASDS Of Course I Light Fancy You (OCISLY) Atlantic Ocean
Barge tug Hawk Atlantic Ocean
Enhance ship GO Quest (Core recovery) Atlantic Ocean
Enhance ship GO Ms. Tree (Fairing recovery) Atlantic Ocean
Enhance ship GO Ms. Chief (Fairing recovery) Atlantic Ocean

Core recordsdata offer: Core wiki by r/SpaceX

Ship recordsdata offer: SpaceXFleet by u/Gavalar_

Are living updates


Time Substitute
T+2h 51m Two tugboats deployed from Morehead City on a direct trajectory in opposition to OCISLY and B1056
T+21: 37 Booster appears to be like to have made a delicate water landing
T+18: 46 Stage 2 will seemingly be passivated and decay from orbit
T+16: 14 Payload deployed
T+9: 45 Touchdown failed
T+8: 22 Landingburn Startup
T+7: 16 Entryburn finished
T+7: 13 Fairing Vessels AOS
T+6: 52 Entryburn startup
T+3: 14 Fairing seperation
T+2: 49 2d stage engine ignition
T+2: 40 Stage seperation
T+2: 37 MECO
T+1: 17 Max-Q
T+8 Cleared the towers
T+0 Liftoff
T-60s Startup
T-4: 01 Strongback retracted
T-9: 11 Webcast went stay
T-11: 14 SpaceX FM stay
T-1 day Falcon 9 vertical
T-1 day Starlink-4 begin stay updates and discussion thread went stay.

Mission’s advise

✅ On the moment GO for the begin strive.

Initiate feature, Downrange

Position Residing Coordinates 🌐 Time zone ⌚
Initiate feature CCAFS, Florida 28.562° N, 80.5772° W UTC-5 (EST)
Touchdown feature Atlantic Ocean (Downrange) 32°32′ N, 75°55′ W UTC-5 (EST)

Payload’s destination

Burn Orbit form Apogee ⬆️ Perigee ⬇️ Inclination 📐 Orbital duration 🔄
1. or 1. + 2. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) 🌍 ~380 km ~220 km ~53° ~90 min

Weather – Merritt Island, Florida


Initiate window Weather Temperature Prob. of rain Prob. of climate scrub Predominant instruct
Predominant begin window 🌤️ partly cloudy 🌡️ 75°F / 24°C 💧 ?% 🛑 10% Cumulus Rule ☁️

Weather recordsdata offer: Google Weather & 45th Residing Hover. – The likelihood of climate scrub quantity does no longer involves probability of scrub because of upper stage winds, which can perchance seemingly be monitored by the SpaceX begin crew itself by utilizing sounding balloons sooner than begin.

Looking on the begin stay

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