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Sim Shagaya’s uLesson African edtech startup raises $3.1M

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Sim Shagaya’s uLesson African edtech startup raises $3.1M

Nigerian founder Sim Shagaya is back with a new startup —  uLesson — that has raised a $3.1 million seed round led by TLcom Capital. The venture is integrating mobile platforms, SD cards, culture-specific curriculum and a network of tutors to bridge educational gaps for secondary school students in Nigeria and broader Africa. Founded in…

Sim Shagaya’s uLesson African edtech startup raises $3.1M

Nigerian founder Sim Shagaya is benefit with a recent startup —  uLesson — that has raised a $3.1 million seed round led by TLcom Capital.

The venture is integrating cellular platforms, SD playing cards, culture-explicit curriculum and a community of tutors to bridge instructional gaps for secondary college students in Nigeria and broader Africa.

Founded in 2019 by Shagaya — who also founded Nigerian e-commerce startup Konga and advert venture E-Paddle — uLesson is headquartered in Lagos with a production studio in Jos.

The startup has been in kind segment and plans to pass to market in February 2020 in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Gambia — Shagaya told TechCrunch on a name.

“We’re focusing on Anglophone West Africa…for a market of successfully 300 million people,” he mentioned.

On product demand, Shagaya notes the priority positioned on training all the intention thru West African households vs. structural deficiencies — corresponding to student trainer ratios as excessive as 1: 70 in worldwide locations corresponding to Nigeria.

“We now possess this big hole…We’re adding more infants on this country nominally than all of Western Europe…Despite the reality that the [Nigerian] govt became once big efficient, it couldn’t purchase up with the tutorial desires of the young of us that are coming up,” Shagaya mentioned.

To address this, uLesson will provide an app-primarily primarily based mostly dwelling training kit for students with an up-entrance yearly subscription label of round $70 and the intention to pay as you scurry. The startup’s product pack will possess a dongle, SD card, and a location of headphones to connect with Android units.

Curriculum on the uLesson program will consist of be conscious assessments and tailored bid material round math, physics, chemistry, and biology. The venture has already created 3000 keen videos for core topics, in step with Shagaya.

To leverage excessive android cellular penetration in Africa — and decrease info-streaming costs — uLesson bid material and performance evaluate will come via a aggregate of streaming and SD playing cards.

Other folks and students can connect online temporarily to update the app and sync curriculum and results, whereas working off-line for the bulk of classes.

Shagaya likened the utilization of SD playing cards to the old Netflix mannequin of sending and returning DVD’s by mail, forward of sooner and more reasonable net service in the U.S.

The uLesson program will also package a human component. The startup plans to deploy a community of counselors in predominant distribution areas to train on use app and put together lesson plans.

uLesson is to be a supplement to secondary college training and a more reasonable and efficient substitute to non-public tutors, explained Shagaya.

After taking uLesson to market in Africa’s most populous nation — Nigeria — and other worldwide locations in the distance, Shagaya and crew belief to adapt the product for a future East Africa launch.

In every Nigeria and Kenya uLesson will face opponents from unusual ventures. Edtech in Africa doesn’t possess as many companies (or as much VC funding) as leading startup sectors fintech and e-commerce, nonetheless there are a form of avid gamers.

Source: Briter Bridges

Nigeria has online edu startups, corresponding to Tuteria. Feature phone primarily primarily based mostly student learning firm Eneza Training has scaled in Kenya and expanded to Ghana.

uLesson could well perhaps count having Shagaya as CEO as one in all its advantages in the edtech space. The venture marks the founder’s return to the startup scene after a hiatus. Shagaya earned a Harvard MBA and labored for Google forward of repatriating to Nigeria to discovered several digital companies.

His simplest identified venture, Konga, went head to pass with online retailer Jumia in pioneering e-commerce for Nigeria and Africa. Konga became once sold in a distressed acquisition in 2018.

Shagaya successfully exited his digital selling venture E-Paddle this 365 days, after it became once bought by Loatsad Promedia.

The Nigerian tech entrepreneur confirmed he’s redirected some of that windfall into uLesson’s $3.1 million seed-round.  As segment of TLcom’s lead on the investment, partners Omobola Johnson and Ido Sum will join uLesson’s board, Sum confirmed to TechCrunch.

For his segment, Sim Shagaya underscores the for-profit keep of his recent startup, whereas noting it carries bigger that arrangement for him than previous industrial endeavors.

“Have to you drill all the manner down to all of it, all our complications in Africa are tied this sing of training…If we attain this fair right, our influence can be huge. For me that is doubtless to be the most well-known work I’ll attain,” he mentioned.

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