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Quick & Angry 9 trailer: Justin Lin on Han’s return, John Cena twist

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Quick & Angry 9 trailer: Justin Lin on Han’s return, John Cena twist

John Cena is Dom’s brother! Han is alive! Cars are jumping from one island to another! Charlize Theron has a new haircut! I can’t be the only one still reeling from the epic first trailer for Fast & Furious 9 (in theaters May 22). Unveiled via a concert event in Miami, the footage features a…

Quick & Angry 9 trailer: Justin Lin on Han’s return, John Cena twist

John Cena is Dom’s brother! Han is alive! Cars are leaping from one island to every other! Charlize Theron has a brand new haircut!

I will be able to’t be the supreme one aloof reeling from the account first trailer for Quick & Angry 9 (in theaters May per chance per chance per chance also 22). Unveiled through a live efficiency tournament in Miami, the photography parts a brand new WTF 2d every quarter-mile. To recap: Cena is taking half in a badass named Jakob… Toretto. Optimistic, that formulation he’s Vin Diesel’s onscreen brother. And talking of family, fan current Han (Sung Kang) is alive. After reputedly being killed off the full scheme serve in 2006’s The Quick & the Angry: Tokyo Float (a nonlinear timeline allowed him to loiter around unless 2013’s Quick & Angry 6, when he gave the look to be long gone for right), Han returns, with the trailer explicitly declaring that “justice for Han” is by hook or by crook coming.

All of us need some answers, so EW hopped on the cell telephone with director Justin Lin, who beforehand helmed Quick 3 through 6, correct minutes after the trailer birth.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So many surprises! How mad hold been you to by hook or by crook set up them out into the sector?

JUSTIN LIN: It feels right. I was as soon as correct there with the team, certainly feeling how they hold been reacting in right time. After I left after Quick 6, I certainly idea that was as soon because it, fancy, there’s no more Quick tales I will be able to recount. From then on, I’d shuttle and correct meet of us and fans of the franchise, and so that they would recount me why they love the franchise so great and correct fragment their tales. Then two years ago, I awoke with a idea for the brand new chapter. And a massive segment of that is exploring this theme of family that is repeatedly tied to Quick, but doing it through blood. I judge any one who has siblings across the sector is conscious of that if you may per chance hold fights with blood, it’s 100 times more intense, all gloves are off, and I was as soon as certainly mad about that. And alongside the scheme, I hadn’t considered the diversified two motion photography, and I was as soon as at a Q&A for [Lin and Kang’s first film together] Higher Success Tomorrow and any individual brought up “justice for Han,” and so all these items hold been roughly working collectively.

It’s been a two-three hundred and sixty five days fling, in an effort to be available with the fans, I say fancy I’ve arrive paunchy circle, because even although I didn’t set up a matter to of to arrive serve, they’re a massive cause I’m. It was as soon as so enormous to take hold of on a chapter 9 that we aloof hold some distance more to rush. We’re no longer going to be reusing and doing issues that we’ve done sooner than. The broad news is that even with the trailer, there’s aloof loads that’s no longer being shared, so that’s one thing I’m very gratified with.

What can you recount us about Han and the decision to bring him serve? It’s becoming that your return would trace Sung’s return, given your historical previous collectively.

Clearly, I certainly hold a certainly non-public connection to the persona. To be correct, after we first started, the community of Quick was as soon as no longer the community that it is some distance on the present time. I say fancy, collectively, every roughly connection with the target audience, we needed to operate. With these sequels, most steadily of us assign it as a correct and judge it’s correct going to happen; I repeatedly judge now we hold to operate the subsequent one. And so so to wade through that fling with Han… after I left, I felt it was as soon as appropriate and I felt fancy we hold been hanging the persona to bed, but it’s attributable to a pair of the issues that occurred that didn’t relatively operate sense to me, and so I felt fancy if I was as soon as going to arrive serve, I certainly wanted to explore why. I judge it’s certainly up to us to bring him serve and explore it at some level of the subject matters that we’re all frail to.

Without spoiling one thing else, what can you say about how he factors into the brand new movie?

In this world, I say fancy issues happen for a cause. I won’t rush into little print or one thing else, but I assemble judge that bringing him serve is nothing I assign calmly — and it took loads — but I judge what I fancy is that this universe has certainly grown and it permits us to adapt and certainly roughly redefine ourselves as we rush.

Notion to be one of many most emotional moments is the outlet of the trailer that includes a version of “Glimpse You Again,” which was as soon as frail in Angry 7 to serve ship off the late Paul Walker. Why did it feel correct to insert it right here?

It was as soon as crucial because because the Quick family we assign a huge selection of enjoyment within the fling. In entrance of the digicam you’re seeing our characters age, and uninteresting the digicam we’re all growing collectively, we started families, all of our teens are growing up collectively. And so I certainly idea it was as soon as crucial to acknowledge that with Dom, Letty, and little Brian. And so to acknowledge that in a massive action franchise, I believed it was as soon as crucial to join that to diversified pieces of the family.

Talking of diversified pieces of the family: We didn’t know one thing else about John’s persona going in, but now we be taught that he’s Dom’s brother, Jakob, which come what may per chance is handiest the third-craziest factor within the trailer. What can you say about introducing Jakob and what you cherished about that thought?

Again, so a lot of the theme of family roughly reflects my immigrant legend. I say fancy my 10-three hundred and sixty five days-frail son growing up, he’s got Uncle Vin, Uncle Sung, and it’s no longer by blood. I say fancy our family is unquestionably this earned relationship. But on the the same time, it’s one factor now we hold no longer explored through bloodline. And Michael Rooker, who is on this movie, acknowledged it most efficient when he came and we hold been talking about the movie, he acknowledged almost definitely the most bloodiest fights he’s considered in his lifestyles hold been both at funerals or weddings. And that’s one thing that certainly mad me when the theory came to me, that we may per chance certainly birth this new chapter exploring family throughout the frail bloodlines. But then the subsequent emotional beat for me was as soon as that I was as soon as roughly alarmed s—much less of fancy, “Successfully, who goes to be a Toretto?!” And I was as soon as so relieved after I sat down with John, and within a minute of talking to him you may per chance perchance feel the energy and discipline, but also the truth that he would be inclined. He was as soon as correct a pleasure to work with, and I certainly assemble judge he’s going to bring loads because the antagonist to Dom.

Every Quick trailer builds up to a massive action sequence, and right here it’s the magnet plane and vehicles leaping islands, which has a certainly Indiana Jones-with-vehicles vibe.

The one factor that I assign a huge selection of enjoyment in is de facto scaring the crap out of my crew. [Laughs] When now we hold these production meetings and I’m sitting there in entrance of of us and describing what we are about to assemble, I love that roughly nervous silence sooner than all of us focal level and judge out how we’re going to assemble it. For my half, I say that right action sequences are nothing if you don’t hold a connection with these characters, and one of many enormous issues I needed to assemble coming serve was as soon as elevate and certainly push development in every persona. And so after we went to Phuket and stumbled on the remark, I felt fancy that was as soon as certainly appropriate for that sequence, to take the audiences up with the remark of every persona. And, for certain, I assign to push our characters into certainly no longer attainable eventualities and hold how they receive out of it account for who they are at that 2d.

This interview has been edited for size and readability.

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