Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor used to be on a Zoom chat Wednesday sooner than the 2020 NFL Draft.

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In rather below two weeks, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to issue Joe Burrow’s name when the Cincinnati Bengals nearly about whisper their card with the No. 1 overall fetch. 

Burrow, who joined fellow LSU alum Shaquille O’Neal on “The Mountainous Podcast With Shaq” Wednesday, says he will potentially take into story the draft from his couch at dwelling in Athens, Ohio. He’ll be one of many 58 gamers who will participate nearly about in the draft, the league introduced

“There might be definitely some disappointment. I used to be surely wanting ahead to wander on that stage, wander on that red carpet and listen to my name known as,” Burrow said on Shaq’s podcast. “You realize, I mediate having it at dwelling with my family goes to be correct as perfect. Getting drafted is getting drafted. I don’t surely non-public any plans yet because I don’t surely know what or not it will label love. Exact now, I’m planning on correct sitting on my couch with my other americans and staring at it on TV, I wager.” 

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Burrow, who used to be wanting ahead to collaborating in LSU’s authentic day closing week, remains in Ohio because he didn’t non-public a location to workout in Baton Rouge amid the unconventional coronavirus pandemic. 

Esteem he did at the NFL combine in February, Burrow reiterated that he’s prepared to play for any crew that drafts him. 

“I correct want to catch drafted to a bright crew, perfect group that goes to maximise my talents,” Burrow said. “I’ve acquired in each keep that I have been. I’ve by no intention had a shedding season in sports actions from the moment I used to be 5 years mature. I’m not a loser. I correct want to saunter someplace where I’m able to raise.

“Groups are picking at the tip for a motive. And I contain love, love I said sooner than, I’ve acquired in each keep that I’ve ever been. I contain love if any one can attain it, I’m able to attain it.”

When Bengals coach Zac Taylor used to be asked Wednesday all the highest intention via a media conference name what extra he wished to study about Burrow sooner than the draft, he responded, “There might be not worthy to issue at this level.” 

Burrow said he didn’t non-public any bizarre moments all the highest intention via the pre-draft interview path of. 

“I surely have not been asked the leisure loopy,” Burrow said. “I know some other americans that non-public, however lots of the conversations that I’ve had are with quite lots of teams that don’t appear to be going to be in the Top 5 and so that they’re saying, ‘successfully, we’re not going to be in position to draft you, let’s correct discuss existence,’ and stuff love that. It has been an mesmerizing path of for me.”

How does Burrow mediate his fatherland will react all the highest intention via the draft?

“Various the americans in my dwelling became LSU followers after I went down there,” Burrow said. “If I happen to be the principle fetch this 365 days, I’m coming abet dwelling and I mediate that will form quite lots of oldsters feel severely greater.” 

Good don’t mediate of nicknaming him Joe Exotic. He says he hasn’t watched Netflix’s “Tiger King” whereas sitting at dwelling. 

“No, I have not (watched),” he said. “You realize, I’m not a gargantuan fan of zoos and animals in cages, so I’m trying to retain out not to take into story it. But I’m getting gigantic bored over right here in this quarantine, so I would want to cave.” 


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