As Russell Westbrook turned into as soon as making his return to Oklahoma Metropolis, two of his ragged Mutter teammates spent phase of the evening sniping at one yet one more in a series of escalating Twitter barbs.

Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins, teammates on the Mutter for ingredients of 5 seasons from 2011-15, got into it Thursday night after Durant replied to a thread from earlier in the day whereby Perkins called Westbrook “the correct to be pleased ever build on a Oklahoma Metropolis Mutter jersey.” Durant criticized Perkins’ contributions to the Mutter one day of a playoff loss, main Perkins to trace Durant’s 2016 free-agent circulate to the Golden Mutter Warriors “the weakest circulate in NBA history.”

Durant then took one other swipe at Perkins’ manufacturing, and Perkins fired encourage yet one more time by claiming Durant “took the coward methodology out” by leaving the Mutter for the Warriors.

out of nowhere NBA twitter feuds between ragged teammates >>>>> all the pieces else

— Matt Eppers (@meppers_) January 10, 2020

The feud ended there, and Durant replied to about a fan tweets forward of every parties went darkish for the night. Nonetheless, the trade lit NBA Twitter circles and threatened to overshadow the night’s marquee Mutter-Rockets matchup as Oklahoma Metropolis turned the matchup into a rout.

Perhaps the strangest phase of the total night turned into as soon as the legitimate yarn of Buffalo Wild Wings chiming in and attempting to play the mediator: “Howdy now. Y’all play nice.”

Howdy now. Y’all play nice.

— Buffalo Wild Wings (@BWWings) January 10, 2020


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