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A graph of Bob Dylan’s vocal fluctuate over time.

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A graph of Bob Dylan’s vocal fluctuate over time.

New VersionAn edit, as suggested by /u/MonsMensae, makes this plot a little nicer to read by increasing the offset. Thanks for the suggestion! Here is the revised plot.Original notesThe black bars show the lowest to highest note sung by Bob Dylan on a given album, and the green bars show the same magnitude from a…

A graph of Bob Dylan’s vocal fluctuate over time.

Contemporary Model

An edit, as urged by /u/MonsMensae, makes this insist a minute bit nicer to be taught by increasing the offset. Thanks for the advice! Right here is the revised insist.

Normal notes

The black bars verbalize the lowest to absolute top level to sung by Bob Dylan on a given album, and the inexperienced bars verbalize the same magnitude from a standard baseline so you’re going to extra without problems evaluate the ranges. The grid traces characterize 1 octave, drawn at successive C notes.

I submitted a insist comparing some vocalists’ singing ranges the day prior to this, which ended in about a discussions in conjunction with singing ranges lowering over time, and neglected artists. Taking a find up Bob Dylan for that dialogue led me to a thorough prognosis of his singing fluctuate per album (source for this insist). And Bob Dylan has launched quite about a albums.

I already had an Emacs characteristic to severely change written notes to numbers within a regexp (same step to format it as CSV), so I extra or much less needed to insist this data. You know how it is, magnificent? I made a scatter insist in LibreOffice the usage of error margins to verbalize these bars, and cleaned up the show camouflage a minute bit via an SVG export to Inkscape.

The albums plotted here contrivance no longer contain the Bootleg Sequence (no longer analyzed yet) or his Traveling Wilburys work:

  • 1962 – Bob Dylan

  • 1963 – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

  • 1964 – The Cases They Are A-Changin’

  • 1964 – Yet one more Aspect of Bob Dylan

  • 1965 – Bringing It All Relief Home

  • 1965 – Toll road 61 Revisited

  • 1966 – Blonde on Blonde

  • 1967 – John Wesley Harding

  • 1969 – Nashville Skyline

  • 1970 – Self Portrait

  • 1970 – Contemporary Morning

  • 1973 – Pat Garrett & Billy the Shrimp one [soundtrack]

  • 1973 – Dylan

  • 1974 – Planet Waves

  • 1975 – Blood on the Tracks

  • 1975 – The Basement Tapes

  • 1976 – Desire

  • 1978 – Boulevard-Impartial correct

  • 1979 – Slack Put collectively Coming

  • 1980 – Saved

  • 1981 – Shot of Esteem

  • 1983 – Infidels

  • 1985 – Empire Burlesque

  • 1986 – Knocked Out Loaded

  • 1988 – Down in the Groove

  • 1989 – Oh Mercy

  • 1990 – Below the Purple Sky

  • 1992 – Appropriate as I Been to You

  • 1993 – World Long gone Defective

  • 1997 – Time Out of Mind

  • 2001 – Esteem and Theft

  • 2006 – Up to date Cases

  • 2009 – Collectively By means of Existence

  • 2009 – Christmas in the Heart

  • 2012 – Tempest

  • 2015 – Shadows in the Night

  • 2016 – Fallen Angels

  • 2017 – Triplicate

  • 2020 – Tough and Rowdy Ways

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